Ladies Results

Competition: 2 Clubs and Putter 9 Hole St'ford (NC)       Date: 12/04/2018

Course: Kemnay 18 (Red)      PAR: 73 CSS: N/A (Unoff.)

Note: any handicap adjustments are "unofficial" and when play reverts to the full course all handicaps will be restored to their previous "official "values.

NameHandicapPointsNew Handicap
Division 1
Heather M Milward35c (35)1935.1
Karen A SCOTT21c (21)1721.1
Margaret EVANS18c (18)1417.7
Shirley MILNE38c (38)1438.2
Kirsty Livingstone10c (10)1410.4
Wilma CATTO14c (14)1314.3
Anne MUTTEN32c (32)1332.3
Anne MUNRO23c (23)1122.8
Margaret DARGIE32c (32)931.8
Heather Harvey31c (31)730.9
Lorraine Shakespeare38c (38)638.2
@ = Stableford Adjusted Score, (R) = Indicates one or more player has a Handicap Reduction