Ladies Fixtures & Results for 2017

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Sun02/04/2017AllOpening Florida Scramble Results
Tue04/04/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Thu06/04/2017LCancer Relief 9 Hole Stableford Results
Sun09/04/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue11/04/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Thu13/04/2017L2 Clubs and Putter 9 Hole St'ford (NC) Results
Sat15/04/2017L18 Hole Stableford Results
Sun16/04/2017LSunday April Medal Results
Tue18/04/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Thu20/04/2017LThursday April Medal Results
Sat22/04/2017L9 Hole Stablefordno entries
Sun23/04/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue25/04/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'fordcancelled
Thu27/04/2017LExtra Medal Results
Sat29/04/2017AllFamily Fun Day from 1:00 
Sun30/04/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue02/05/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Thu04/05/2017LJanet McPherson Trophy Rd 1 Results
Sun07/05/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue09/05/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Thu11/05/2017LJanet McPherson Trophy Rd 2 Results
Sat13/05/2017L9 or 18 Hole Stablefordno entries
Sun14/05/2017LSunday May Medal Results
Sun14/05/2017LRobertson Cup V Huntly (Away)lost 6-2
Tue16/05/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Wed17/05/2017LBennachie League Match v Inverurie (Home)2-2
Thu18/05/2017LCoronation Foursomes & Anchor Charity F'Somes Results
Sat20/05/2017LSummer Trophiesno entries
Tue23/05/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Tue23/05/2017LBennachie League Match v Newmachar (Away)2-2
Thu25/05/2017LThursday May Medal Results
Sun28/05/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue30/05/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Thu01/06/2017LAlice Fraser Pairs Results
Sat03/06/2017LLADIES OPEN 
Sun04/06/2017LSummer Trophiesno entries
Sun04/06/2017LRobertson Cup V Huntly (Home)won 6.5-1.5
Tue06/06/2017SLSenior Ladies Fun Day - Texas Scramble (NC)cancelled
Thu08/06/2017LScratch & Handicap Ch'ship Rd. 1/Ball Night Results
Sat10/06/2017LScratch & H'cap Ch'ship Rd. 2 Results
Sun11/06/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Mon12/06/2017LBennachie League Match v McDonald Ellon (Away)lost 2.5-1.5
Tue13/06/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Thu15/06/2017LThursday June Medal / Marie Curie Results
Sat17/06/2017LScratch & Handicap Ch'ship Final Round Results
Sun18/06/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue20/06/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Thu22/06/2017LN. Lawrence Stableford/Leslie Duncan Rd 1 Results
Sun25/06/2017LSunday June Medal (qualifier for N Moir Pairs) Results
Mon26/06/2017SLC.A.L.S at Kemnay 
Tue27/06/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'fordno entries
Thu29/06/2017LCentenary Strokeplay Trophyno entries
Fri30/06/2017LRobertson Cup V Peterhead (Away)lost 5.5-2.5
Sun02/07/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Mon03/07/2017LNorth of Scotland County Championships 
Tue04/07/2017LNorth of Scotland County Championships 
Tue04/07/2017LExtra July Medal (evening) Results
Wed05/07/2017LNorth of Scotland County Championships 
Thu06/07/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Sun09/07/2017LSunday July Medal Results
Mon10/07/2017LBennachie Match v Kintore (Home)lost 2.5-1.5
Tue11/07/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Thu13/07/2017LThursday July Medal Results
Fri14/07/2017LALCGA OPEN Results
Sat15/07/2017L9 or 18 Hole Stablefordno entries
Sat15/07/2017LGolf View league Match V Aberdeen Ladies (Home)won 3-1
Sun16/07/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Sun16/07/2017LRobertson Cup V Peterhead (Home)won 5 - 3
Tue18/07/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Thu20/07/2017LCaptain's Prizecancelled
Sun23/07/2017LSummer Trophiesabandoned
Mon24/07/2017LBennachie League Match v Oldmeldrum (Away)lost 3-1
Tue25/07/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Thu27/07/2017LCentenary Strokeplay Trophy/LGU Breakthough Medal Results
Sun30/07/2017LSummer Trophies(Scottish Handicap Championship Qualifier) Results
Tue01/08/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Wed02/08/2017LBennachie League Match v Insch (Away)2.5 - 1.5 win
Thu03/08/2017LCaptain's Prize/Leslie Duncan Alt. Rd Results
Sat05/08/2017L18 Hole Stableford Results
Sun06/08/2017LSunday August Medal Results
Mon07/08/2017LBennachie League Match v Dunecht (Home) 
Tue08/08/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Wed09/08/2017SLSENIOR LADIES GREENSOMES OPEN (10.30-1.30) 
Thu10/08/2017LThursday August Medal & RNLI Results
Sun13/08/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue15/08/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 hole Stablefordcancelled
Thu17/08/2017LDaily Mail Qualifier - Foursomes Results
Sun20/08/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue22/08/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Thu24/08/2017LThursday September Medal Results
Sun27/08/2017LSunday September Medal Results
Tue29/08/2017SLSenior Ladies Rosebowl - Stableford Results
Wed30/08/2017SL Seniors Fun Day Scramble Results
Thu31/08/2017LJunior Girls Competition & 9 Hole Stablefordcancelled
Sun03/09/2017LLadies Medal Winners Play Off Results
Tue05/09/2017SLSenior Ladies Medal/Eclectic / 9 Hole St'ford Results
Thu07/09/2017L9 Hole Stablefordno entries
Sat09/09/2017L9 or 18 hole Stableford Results
Sun10/09/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue12/09/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford Results
Thu14/09/2017L9 Hole Stablefordno entries
Sun17/09/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Tue19/09/2017SLSenior Ladies 18 Hole Stableford 
Thu21/09/2017L9 Hole Stablefordcancelled
Sun24/09/2017LSummer Trophies Results
Mon25/09/2017AllHollow Coring (Essential work on course) 
Tue26/09/2017AllHollow Coring (Essential work on course) 
Wed27/09/2017AllHollow Coring (Essential work on course) 
Thu28/09/2017L9 Hole Stablefordno entries
Sat30/09/2017LLadies Charity Day 
Sun01/10/2017LSummer Trophiesno entries
Tue03/10/2017SLSenior Ladies Fun Day-3 Ball Better Ball (NC) 
Sun15/10/2017AllClosing Scramble Results