Gents Fixtures & Results for 2018

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Sun01/04/2018AllOpening Florida Scramble Results
Tue03/04/2018GTuesday Medalcancelled
Sun08/04/2018GScratch and Handicap Matchplay Qual. Rd. 1 Results
Tue10/04/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sat14/04/2018G18 hole Yellow Tee Medal Results
Sun15/04/2018GScratch and Handicap Matchplay Qual. Rd. 2 Results
Tue17/04/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun22/04/2018GApril Medal Results
Tue24/04/2018GTuesday Shield (Round 1) Results
Sun29/04/2018GSunday Medal Results
Tue01/05/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun06/05/2018GSunday Medal Results
Tue08/05/2018GTuesday Shield (Round 2) Results
Sat12/05/2018GScottish Golf R&A 9-hole Championship Qualifier Results
Sun13/05/2018GMay Medaladandoned
Tue15/05/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sat19/05/2018GSaturday Stableford Results
Mon21/05/2018GPennant Match v Alford (Away)won 3-1
Tue22/05/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Wed23/05/2018GLeague Match v Dunecht (Away)lost 4-1
Sat26/05/2018G9 or 18 hole Yellow Tee Stableford Results
Sun27/05/2018GMay Medal Results
Tue29/05/2018GTuesday Shield (Round 3) Results
Sat02/06/2018GGENTS OPEN 
Sun03/06/2018GJune Medal Results
Tue05/06/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Wed06/06/2018GPennant Match v Craibstone (Home)lost 3-1
Sun10/06/2018GGents Club Championship Round 1 Results
Tue12/06/2018GTuesday Shield (Round 4) Results
Wed13/06/2018GLeague Match v Craibstone (Home)won 3.5-1.5
Sat16/06/2018GGents Club Championship Round 2 Results
Sun17/06/2018GGents Club Championship Round 3 Results
Tue19/06/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Thu21/06/2018GLeague Match v Inverurie (Away)lost 3-2
Sat23/06/2018GGents Club Ch'ship, Milton Cup/Shield Final Rd Results
Sun24/06/2018GMoir Medal (qualifier for N Moir Pairs) Results
Tue26/06/2018GTuesday Shield (Round 5) Results
Wed27/06/2018GPennant Match v Kintore (Home)lost 4-0
Sat30/06/2018G/LPing Scottish Mixed Championship Qualifier Results
Sun01/07/2018GSunday Medal Results
Tue03/07/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Wed04/07/2018GLeague Match v Kintore (Home)lost 3.5-0.5
Sat07/07/2018L/GOPEN GREENSOMES (Ladies OR Gents Pairs) 
Sun08/07/2018GMcRobert Trophy (Stableford) Results
Tue10/07/2018GTuesday Shield (Round 6) Results
Wed11/07/2018GLeague Match v Alford (Home)won 4.5-0.5
Thu12/07/2018GPennant Match v Inverurie (Away)won 3-1
Sun15/07/2018GJuly Medal Results
Tue17/07/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun22/07/2018GSunday Medal Results
Tue24/07/2018GTuesday Shield (Round 7) Results
Sat28/07/2018G18 hole Yellow Tee Stableford Results
Sun29/07/2018GCancer Relief Shield Results
Tue31/07/2018GTuesday Shield (Final Round) Results
Sat04/08/2018GSaturday Medal AQQ Results
Sun05/08/2018GAugust Medal AQQ Results
Tue07/08/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun12/08/2018GSunday Medal AQQ Results
Tue14/08/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun19/08/2018GCaptain's Cup (Round 1) AQQ Results
Tue21/08/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun26/08/2018GCaptain's Cup (Round 2) AQQ Results
Tue28/08/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun02/09/2018GSeptember Medal AQQ Results
Tue04/09/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sat08/09/2018G18 hole Yellow Tee Medal Results
Sun09/09/2018GCharity Medal AQQ Results
Tue11/09/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Sun16/09/2018GSunday Medal AQQ Results
Tue18/09/2018GTuesday Medal Results
Wed19/09/2018GNorth East Alliance (8.00 -1.00) 
Sat22/09/2018GGents Medal Winners Playoff Results
Sun23/09/2018GSunday Medal AQQ Results
Mon24/09/2018AllHollow Coring (Essential work on course) 
Tue25/09/2018AllHollow Coring (Essential work on course) 
Wed26/09/2018AllHollow Coring (Essential work on course) 
Sun30/09/2018GSunday Medal AQQ Results
October 2018
Tue02/10/2018GGents 9-hole Tuesday Stableford (Yellow Tees) Results
Sun07/10/2018GClosing Sunday Medal AQQ Results
Tue09/10/2018GGents 9-hole Tuesday Stableford (Yellow Tees) Results
Sun14/10/2018AllClosing Florida Scramble Results
October 2018
Sun21/10/2018GWinter Stableford Results
Sun28/10/2018GWinter Stableford Results
Nov 2018
Sun04/11/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun11/11/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun18/11/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun25/11/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Dec 2018
Sun02/12/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun09/12/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun16/12/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun23/12/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun30/12/2018GWinter League Stableford Results
Jan 2019
Sun06/01/2019GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun13/01/2019GWinter League Stableford Results
Sun20/01/2019GWinter League Stableford 
Sun27/01/2019GWinter League Stableford 
Feb 2019
Sun03/02/2019GWinter League Stableford 
Sun10/02/2019GWinter League Stableford 
Sun17/02/2019GWinter League Stableford 
Sun24/02/2019GWinter League Stableford 
Mar 2019
Sun03/03/2019GWinter Stableford 
Sun10/03/2019GWinter Stableford 
Sun17/03/2019GWinter Stableford 
Sun24/03/2019GWinter Stableford