Senior Gents Fixtures & Results for 2018

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Sun01/04/2018AllOpening Florida Scramble Results
Wed04/04/2018SGSenior Gents Medal cancelled
Mon09/04/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Alford (Home)won 4.5-1.5
Wed11/04/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford/Leslie Duncan Round 1 Results
Wed18/04/2018SGSenior Gents White Tee Stableford Results
Wed25/04/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford/Leslie Duncan Round 2 Results
Wed02/05/2018SGSenior Gents Medal cancelled
Fri04/05/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Inverurie (Home)3-3 draw
Wed09/05/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford Results
Wed16/05/2018SGSenior Gents White Tee Stableford Results
Fri25/05/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford Results
Mon28/05/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Inverurie (Away)4-2 win
Wed30/05/2018SGSenior Gents Cancer Research S'ford Comp Results
Tue05/06/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Aboyne (Away)lost 5 1/2 - 1/2
Wed06/06/2018SGSenior Gents Medal Results
Wed13/06/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford Results
Wed20/06/2018SGSenior Gents White Tee Stableford cancelled
Mon25/06/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Banchory (Away)td>lost 5-1
Wed27/06/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford Results
Sat30/06/2018SG/LPing Scottish Mixed Championship Qualifier 
Wed04/07/2018SGSenior Gents Medal Results
Thu05/07/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Peterculter (Away)lost 4-2
Mon09/07/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Alford (Away)lost 4-2
Wed11/07/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford Results
Wed18/07/2018SGSenior Gents White Tee Stableford Results
Wed25/07/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford 
Mon30/07/2018SGSenior Gents Match v Banchory (Home) 
Wed01/08/2018SGSenior Gents Medal 
Mon06/08/2018SGSnr Gents Match v Peterculter (Home) 
Wed08/08/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford 
Wed15/08/2018SGSenior Gents White Tee Stableford 
Mon20/08/2018SGCentral Aberdeenshire District Snrs at Kemnay 
Wed22/08/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford 
Wed29/08/2018SGFun Day Scramble Senior Gents & Senior Ladies 
Wed05/09/2018SGSenior Gents Medal 
Wed12/09/2018SGSenior Gents White Tee Stableford 
Thu20/09/2018SGSenior Gents White Tee St'ford Play Off (PROV) 
Fri21/09/2018SGSenior Gents Play Offs (Medal & Stableford) 
Fri21/09/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford 
Fri28/09/2018SGSenior Gents Stableford 
October 2018
Wed03/10/2018SGMike Kenny 3 Club Challenge (strokeplay) (NC) 
Sun14/10/2018AllClosing Florida Scramble 
October 2017
Wed11/10/2017SGSenior Winter Stableford Results
Wed18/10/2017SGSenior Winter Stableford Results
Wed25/10/2017SGSenior Winter Stableford Results
November 2017
Wed01/11/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
Wed08/11/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
Wed15/11/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
Wed22/11/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stablefordcancelled
Wed29/11/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
December 2017
Wed06/12/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
Wed13/12/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stablefordcancelled
Wed20/12/2017SGSenior Winter Stableford 15 holes/Christmas Lunch & Trophy Presentation (NC)cancelled
Wed27/12/2017SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
January 2018
Wed03/01/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford cancelled
Wed10/01/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford cancelled
Wed17/01/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
Wed24/01/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
Wed31/01/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford & Annual Meeting Results
February 2018
Wed07/02/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford cancelled
Wed14/02/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford cancelled
Wed21/02/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stableford Results
Wed28/02/2018SGSenior Winter Quaich Stablefordcancelled
March 2018
Wed07/03/2018SGSenior Winter Stablefordcancelled
Wed14/03/2018SGSenior Winter Stableford Results
Wed21/03/2018SGSenior Winter Stableford Results
Wed28/03/2018SGSenior Winter Stableford Results